Create Space So Something New Can Emerge

Each day this month, I’m offering you 4 gifts: one image, one quote, one idea, and one thing you might want to try,  your 11:11 message for the day. Enjoy!



“Everything that’s created comes out of silence.
Your thoughts emerge from the nothingness of silence.
Your words come out of this void.
Your very essence emerged from emptiness.
All creativity requires some stillness.”
― Wayne Dyer (1940 – 2015) Self help author, speaker, teacher


We’re living in a really noisy world. Stuck at home, too many of us are turning to our phones, iPads, laptops and TVs to fill up the space in our days.

Are you checking social media and the news constantly? Are you watching too many You Tube videos or binge watching Netflixx?

What do you think that’s really about?

I don’t know for sure of course. But I suspect you’re filling your head with a lot of energies you don’t need.

You need space. You need to think. That powerful new idea, new awareness, new solution that is waiting to appear can’t find its way through all that noise.

It is only when you create space that something new can emerge.


Stick with me, here. :)

I want you to try taking an electronics break.

See if you can turn off your phone and all electronic devices for a certain amount of time, just today, and just for a little while. If you can, start with 30 minutes. If that feels like too much, start with something smaller.

If that feels like not enough, make the time longer.

See what happens. (You may be surprised.)

And be well,

P.S. I put my phone and iPad on silent and place them in another room, so I can’t even hear them vibrate. Then I pick up a book or take my dog for a walk. What will you do? I’d love to hear. xoxo


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