And Let’s Go Together.

Good Saturday Morning to you!

It’s cloudy this morning, but it looks like we’re in for a beautiful Saturday afternoon here in East Tennessee where I am. Today’s the day women of all stripes are rallying in state capitols and major cities around the country as a show of strength, seeking to remind our elected representatives that our voices must be heard in the decisions they make.

And this afternoon, our Courageous Women community will gather for a lakeside cookout and some much needed time to share a few stories, have a meal, and simply enjoy one another’s company. 

All in all, a good day for women friends.

Have you ever been out with a group and had someone crack a joke about women going to the bathroom together? The guys give us grief, while we head off in pairs to check our hair or freshen up our lipstick. It probably makes them nervous; what are we talking about in there, anyway?

The simple truth is that women are relational, and checking in with each other is just something we do.  We relate to our children. We relate to our neighbors, coworkers and friends. And we do better when we relate to, and support, one another.

Facing up to life’s challenges is hard for everyone. If you’ve lived on the planet for any time at all, odds are good you’ve had your share of burdens to bear, obstacles to overcome.

And sadly enough, you have probably NOT always had the support of your Sisters. I hate it, but it’s true that we women are often our own worst enemy, competing instead of collaborating, striking out instead of lifting up.

I’ll just tell you right now that I have no patience with that.

Because I’ve been blessed with women friends, amazing, wise friends who’ve guided me, cried with me, challenged me, encouraged me. I’ve managed  to do all kinds of things that would never have happened without the gift of those friends. I treasure those relationships and all that they’ve added to my life. I’d like to think that over time, I’ve been able to pass some of those gifts on to others. I know that I’ve tried.

As we explore the road from Courage to Confidence, we will need each other. What’s scary for you is fun for me. What’s overwhelming for me is easy for you. Right? Yes. Together we will help each other learn more, grow more, do more, BE more. Don’t you think?

Not to mention, LAUGH more.

What about you? How have women friends made a difference in your life?



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