A Favorite Hack for Raising Your Energy (& Bringing More Joy to Your Work!)

Okay so I know this sounds pretty woo…

But then that’s just the way I roll. :)

f you’re here in the U.S., then today is a holiday, a day when we honor those we have lost, first and foremost. And over the past year, with the pandemic, there has been way too much of that. So in whatever way that makes sense for you, I hope you’ll give yourself space today to do just that. ❤️

Today is also the unofficial start to summer, and I can’t think of a better time to talk about energy. At my house, we’re having all the kids over for a big cookout, so I had to make this one quick. But, I thought I’d share a fun little hack I use any time I need to totally shift my energy, raise my vibrations, and attract more joy to my work.

There’s a little gift inside too that I think you’ll LOVE.  (SO much fun!)

Check that out right here:

Did you click on the link in the notes below the video??? I hope so! And if you did, I’ll bet you had to fight the urge to get up and move! While I was putting this together for you, I couldn’t resist, personally!

How we feel impacts everything we do. So finding ways to get yourself into a better place, energetically, is worth the effort. Let me know what you learn from this.


Are you making plans as we head into summer? 

I have a couple of things coming up that I’m excited about. My partner and I just bought the CUTEST little [email protected] camper, and we’re taking her on the road for a couple of weeks for an honest-to-gosh vacation later in June. For me personally, that will be my first vacation in almost 4 years. Oy. 🙄

So we’re pretty excited about THAT!

Say hello to Aggie [email protected] :)

I’ve also been working on the training I’ll be offering my clients at our Summer Retreat in a couple of weeks. Once a quarter, we gather for a full day of learning, sharing, and masterminding, so they can get the support they need to build the business they want to build. Those days are always fun, and I can’t wait for this one.

How about you? What’s on your horizon?

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