Episode 97. Unlocking Success: A Simple Journaling Exercise for Planning Your Next Quarter

Can you believe we’re already at the end of March?

Yet here we are, at the end of Q1, already a full 25% of the way through the year.

Man - that went fast. 😳

But that’s okay. Most of us can only handle about a quarter’s worth of planning at a time anyway - so this is fine. And tending to our business with a quarterly review is how we stay on track with the big picture, with our biggest goals for the year.

That’s how we keep moving our practice forward. This is how success stays on track.

In this episode, I’ll share 4 simple questions you can use to guide your thinking as you reflect on your progress over the past 90 days. Then, we’ll use that reflection to revisit your intentions and map out your plan for the next 90 days too.

All those big plans you had back in January? They still count. The key to making them real, though, is this kind of process.

You have to check in with yourself, and your business on a regular basis.

So, today, I’ll guide you through a simple, 4-part journal exercise that will give you a simple framework you can use to do exactly that.

Hey I get it. It’s easy to lose sight of our long term goals, and sometimes - we’re tempted to give up on them entirely.

Because - life happens, right?

Maybe - but not today.

Today, you’re the one driving the bus, and your business follows your lead. 😎

So give this a listen. Then, set aside some time to sit with this process, so you can stay on track towards your biggest wins for the year.

Let me know what you think. :)

P.S. If you’re the type who likes to go deeper, be sure to check out the free resource I’ve got for you below. The Quarterly Success Checker is perfect for those who like a more comprehensive process for strategic planning. :)



If you’re like me and you love taking a deep dive into the planning process for your practice, then you might want a little more than the 4 questions I’ve outlined in today’s episode. Try those as a place to start. And, then, try this.

For you, I’ve got something else. Click on the link below to get your no-cost copy of the Quarterly Success Checker. This free tool is much more comprehensive, and will give you an even deeper sense of where your progress is, and where you want to go next.

Here’s the link: WendyPittsReeves.com/quarter

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