Episode 74. How to Set Up Your Virtual Office for a Better Client Connection

When you set up your physical office space, I’ll bet you were super excited - and thoughtful - about every detail.

Where would your clients want to sit, facing the window or facing the door? Where should you put the Kleenex box? Do they need a footstool or is that just weird, lol?

But what about your VIRTUAL office space?

Have you ever wondered how to help your clients feel as comfortable online as they would be if they were meeting with you in person?

(I’m asking because in my experience, too many practitioners tend to overlook this part of their practice set up - which makes me sad, lol.)

If that IS something you care about, but it’s been a bit of a mystery, you’re going to love this episode - because I’m bringing it all right to you.

Your top quality online space starts with three essential elements: your camera, your mic, and your physical setup. There are a number of factors with each of these that can impact your connection with your clients, not to mention your own comfort with hours of screen time, too.

Sharing tons of tips for you in this week’s episode.

Check it out!.

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Have you ever tried to get a sense of what others experience when they see you on camera? If not, ask a friend to tune into a call with you and record the look and feel of your set up. What do you notice?



To make this easier for you, I’ve gathered a COMPLETE list of everything I use for my own awesome virtual office set up into one place. Click the link below for all the details…

My Virtual Office Set Up



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