Episode 73. How to Create Healing Energy with Office Design and Decor: My Thoughts.

How does office decor influence your client's healing journey?

With decades of experience, I’ve got a few thoughts about that. So in today’s episode, we’ll explore best practices that impact your clinical work AND your standing as a practice owner.

Because there’s actually more to this than you might think!

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  1. How your client’s experience is impacted way before they get to your door.
  2. What to consider in terms of signage, parking, and accessibility.
  3. An important thing about lighting that it's easy to forget.
  4. How to offer comfort without sacrificing professionalism.

Plus I’ll tell you when I knew we’d gotten it ‘right’ at my group practice set up, even without the help of a designer. :)

Give this a listen and let me know: What tip was most helpful for you?

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What three steps could you take to make your office an even better environment for your clients’ work?



American Psychological Association Article: Healing By Design


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