Episode 66. Are Hidden Rules Holding You Back?: A Conversation with Success Coach Lisa Michaud

Whether we recognize it or not, there are countless hidden rules and unconscious scripts that keep us from attaining financial freedom.

But learning to recognize those rules, and rewrite those scripts can be done.

Learn how with Lisa Michaud, an international success coach who identified those barriers in her own life, and broke through them.

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Lisa's inspiring journey to a multi-million dollar net worth is a testament to her determination and resilience.

A life-altering health scare instigated her journey from a corporate success to a personal growth advocate. And in this episode we dive into her conscious and intentional decision to take control of her financial life and go for her dream, a decision that literally changed everything.

We moved fast. And in this oh-so-candid conversation, we talked about the need to shift our attitudes towards money and establish healthy financial boundaries.

We explored how our perceptions of money can influence our financial habits, and how overcoming these mindsets can pave the way for success.

This is critical for wellness professionals, therapists and healers.

With a focus on authenticity and growth in business, Lisa's insights are sure to inspire and motivate you to take charge of your financial destiny.

And it's about time, don't you think? I sure do. :)

Here's to your Ideal Practice,

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Lisa Michaud is an International Success Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor and host of the “Goalden Girls” Podcast. In her mid-30’s, she’s created a multimillion-dollar net worth, a growing real estate empire, incredible network and beautiful family. As a coach and speaker, Lisa inspires, leads and motivates everyone she works with, including entrepreneurs, executives, parents, and leaders who are committed to creating fun and meaningful lives. Lisa is a wife, mother and hopeless romantic who lives in Vancouver, Canada.



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