Episode 41. Ready or Not: 3 Ways Your Private Practice Will Force You to Grow.

You know, there is nothing quite like running a business to show us our ‘stuff’: our issues, our blindspots, and where we tend to hold ourselves back from the kind of success we all want.

So in this episode, let’s take a look at three core elements of business ownership that are especially tricky for healers.

Let's talk about why they’re so hard, what they mean for your success, and why you have to find your way through each one to a better place.

(Pssst…..Which one do you relate to the most?)

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. Three core areas of private practice where healing arts professionals have the most trouble as business owners.
  2. The one aspect of practice ownership that NO one talks about, which is also the one we all need the most…
  3. Why learning to be comfortable with each area is a win/win/win for your clients, your practice - and for you.

Let’s get through all this - and grow.

You got this.

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