Episode 39. Why Closing Her Group Practice was One of the Best Things She Ever Did: An Interview with Ali Boehm

Ali Boehm has learned a lot about what makes her happy since starting out as a solo massage therapist.

First, she grew a successful group of 15 outstanding providers with retail, classes, staff training and more. That itself came with it’s share of challenges, and wins - all of them important.

But then, when the time was right, she walked away from it all, opening the door to an even better business and a happier life - a decision that took tremendous courage.

In this interview, we explored what it really means to build a business that fits your life, even when your life changes.

Listen, and you’ll learn…

  • How to stand out creatively in a well established field, with many ways to bring in revenue.
  • Why she started hiring for attitude, and how she developed her staff internally.
  • Why not all clients are created equal and what that means for your practice. 
  • The importance of boundaries…and the many and varied ways this plays out in a business.
  • How sometimes the toughest times can lead to an even better business.

Such a great conversation we had! 

P.S. “Okay Wendy - THAT was interesting….!“ 

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Ali Boehm, of the Massage Business Mama, is a licensed massage therapist and certified herbal therapist in Steamboat, Colorado. Though she still has a clinical practice, she is on a mission to elevate the therapeutic massage industry. Through her podcast, blog, membership and courses, she helps massage therapists build thriving businesses that serve them financially and energetically.

Ali is also mama to a sweet boy, and because she’s designed her business to work for her, she gets out for a run, or a little mountain biking, whenever she can. At the time of our interview, she was training for a marathon! :)



Her website: www.TheMassageBusinessMama.com

Her podcast: Align With the Massage Business Mama.  

And on Instagram @MassageBusinessMama



Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals
by Oliver Burkeman



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