Episode 37. Want to Start Off Your New Year Strong? Focus on the Next 90 Days.

As an entrepreneur, I always have more ideas in my head than anyone around me could possibly imagine.

But how in the world do you know which ideas to act on, and what to do first?

It’s easy, my friend.

Zoom in on the next 90 days - period - because nothing else works quite as well as this simple discipline….

And in today’s episode, you’re about to learn why.

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Last week, we talked about how to get a handle on your big plan for the year, so you had a clear vision of your ultimate goals and knew where you were headed. If you missed that, be sure to check out Episode 36.

Today, we’re taking that idea to the next step, which is mapping out your plan for the next 90 days. And hear this: I mean JUST the next 90 days.

It can be challenging to narrow your focus in this way… But - lucky you! - I’ve got another helpful tool you can use right away to put this idea into practice.

(Super cool, right???)

Get your copy of the Quarterly Success Checker at the link below. If you’re doing this in December or January, it may overlap a bit more with your annual plan, but I want you do to this EVERY quarter.

Got it? Get your copy at the link below.

Quarterly Success Checker

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