Episode 25. My 3 Step Formula for Moving Through Overwhelm and Into Action - for Momentum and Success.

Starting a private practice is a big deal. 

So is running one - whether you’re in the early stages or you’ve been at it for a while.

There are just SO many parts to managing a business, don’t you agree? So if you’re at all human, it’s way too easy to get bogged down in the details - and completely overwhelmed. 

Let’s talk about how to get your head back in the game and your feet back on the ground. Let’s talk about how to get you OUT of overwhelm and back into action, so that you can move steadily forward towards the success that you deserve.

In this episode, I’ll share with you a simple 3-step formula I use literally every week - every week! - to keep overwhelm at bay and keep moving forward in my own business. 

Use this every week, and you’ll be secretly surprised at how much you can get done. 

For real.
P.S. Don’t forget to grab the free tool that I mention in the episode. You’ll find the link below! 👇
This is what my clients, and I, use each week to stay focused, intentional and moving forward. 


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- Christine Kane: https://christinekane.com/


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