Episode 111. How Therapist Kim Lange Used Digital Products to Build Her Ideal Practice


I have a real treat for you today, folks!  I’m talking to someone who has perfected the art of building her very own Ideal Practice(c), and her story is nothing short of inspiring. 🥰

I’m talking to Kim Lange, a former teacher, child and adolescent therapist, and now digital product creator and mentor. 

Guys, I’m so excited to share this one with you, because I really feel that digital products can provide a huge opportunity, one that not nearly enough healers take advantage of.

In this episode, you’ll hear how Kim took her knack for pulling together resources for parents and turned it into a thriving digital products business for therapists … with a few twists and curveballs along the way! 

(Isn’t that ALWAYS the case?)

After trying a few different methods to connect with her clients, from courses to communities, Covid happened.  And just like every other therapist, Kim had to quickly find a whole new way to work with her clients. 

Because she wants to help - at her core - she started a free community to connect with other therapists who were also trying to figure it all out.

And then something really interesting happened...

Kim realized that they were the ones who most needed her help.

Simply by listening to what her audience wanted, Kim built an entirely new business serving therapists instead of clients.

Better still, this new business was in perfect alignment with her personal style and energy management. AND, it allowed her to stay true to her core values of creating a world where kids can grow up loving themselves. ❤️

This is such an interesting story folks, because the business model that Kim follows is a little bit different, maybe even a little bit radical. 

(BUT -  her whole approach comes from an abundance mindset, so no wonder it works!)

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How Kim created a business that gave her the space and freedom she craved.
  • How she was able to repurpose her old content into a new and more aligned format.
  • What happens when your marketing doesn’t solve a real problem for your audience.
  • Why it’s not always a good idea to follow others (and when it is).
  • The unique product types that she came up with (no boring PDFs here, thank you!).
  • What type of digital product or service to offer, depending on your audience size.
  • How Kim was able to provide a full service to her audience, without doing all of the work (this is so clever!).

Kim also shares a really important message about giving yourself permission to leave one path and follow a new one, and about trusting your instincts and honoring your energy

In her own words:

I'm all about creating things that excite me. I'm about following my energy because I know in my business, the things that give me energy are actually going to be things that are most well received.

Isn’t it ALWAYS about the energy?

I love that. 😎

If you’ve ever considered adding digital products to your business, trust me, you do not want to miss this episode.

Give it a listen!


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Kim Lange is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and the founder of Emotionanigans. She has over 23 years of experience guiding kids (and their caregivers) to understand fuzzy emotional concepts so they can navigate their emotional world and grow up loving who they are.

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