Episode 108. Why Authentic Marketing is Your Superpower: A Conversation with Mika Ross


If there’s one topic that makes us all break out in hives at the thought of it, it’s marketing. 😡‍

Marketing is such an essential part of any successful practice, but for a LOT of you, I know the concept itself just brings up images of used car salesmen out to run a scam.  

Yeah ….yuk!! 😬

BUT - my friends, I want you to think about it this way.

Marketing is just a conversation with those who you can help, about how deeply you understand them, and how you know you can help them.

Today’s guest, Mika Ross is a wildly successful licensed psychotherapist, relationship coach, speaker, and private practice owner who has spent the past 18 years providing live workshops, retreats, and comprehensive online programs. 

And she sets an example we can all learn from.

After booking out her one-to-one therapy sessions, Mika realized that she could have far more impact by providing courses and homework-style videos to her clients.  She also realized that if she wanted to reach a wider audience, she was going to have to up her marketing game.

But instead of following a generic route, she embraced a more authentic, genuine, and not-so-perfect style of putting herself out there.

I’m not trying to be perfect; I'm just trying to be…me!

-Mika Ross 

Mika discovered that her own experience with unhealthy belief patterns was actually one of her superpowers.  So in this episode, we had a really interesting conversation about how much of yourself to share in your marketing. 

In particular, we talked about the difference between sharing from the place of a scar, versus sharing from the place of a wound.  

(This was SO enlightening!  I really think you’ll love it.) 

You’ll also hear: 

  • Why people need to see themselves in your marketing.
  • Why your marketing doesn’t have to be perfect (and why, in fact, it can have more impact when it’s not).
  • Mika's genius shortcut to building trust with her patients.
  • Why being effective is more important than being consistent. 

Here’s the thing, people are overwhelmed.

If they knew what to do, they would do it already. 

So make it simple for them. 

Let them know who you are. Tell them how you can help them. And tell them how to find you. It's really that simple.

And be yourself while you’re doing that.  

Because everyone’s Ideal Practice(c) is different, and what resonates with your ideal patients will be completely different from what resonates with someone else’s.  
As Mika says:

The people I am a good fit for figure that out way before they sit down on my couch.

And THAT is the power of showing up as yourself.

Give it a listen!


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Mika Ross is a licensed therapist, relationship coach, speaker, and mom to 3 who has dragged thousands of couples and individuals into better relationships, communication, and well being through her private practice, live workshops, and comprehensive online programs for 18 years. 

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