Episode 104. The True Cost of a Non-Ideal Client: What You Need to Know

You have a big heart, and I know you feel like you could help almost anyone in your private practice.
But that idea, as lofty as it is, just isn’t true.

The truth?  There is a cost to working with those who aren’t a good fit for you. And in this episode, we’re talking directly about what that cost actually is.

You’ll learn about 4 areas where you may experience a disconnection with your clients, and what that means for you AND for them.

But we’ll also talk about how to remedy each situation.

Sometimes, there are steps you can take in your practice to turn things around, or maybe, even to prevent those disconnections altogether.

Being careful to cultivate a caseload of clients you are truly suited to serve is one of the keys to a successful, sustainable private practice.

Give this a listen. 


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