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Here you'll find links to the most common tools and worksheets we use, as well as websites and other resources that could be helpful as you build your business. I'm providing these as a place to begin your research, but you must do your own due diligence before using any outside resource listed here. A listing here is not an automatic endorsement, and only you can decide what is best for you and your business.


Click below to find the tools we use most often in the program, whether it's your coaching call Prep sheet, the Sunday Set Up, and more.



Click below to find suggestions on everything from freelancing platforms to finding your first virtual assistant to hiring a bookkeeper. 

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Email & CRM

Click below for a list of the most commonly used email and CRM platforms for managing your list and communicating with your peeps.

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Click below for access to some of my favorite planning, collaboration and project management tools.

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Click below for a list of some of the web designers, visual brand specialists, and other web-related resources I know about.

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