The Biggest Mistake in Pricing Your Services

It’s a BEAUTIFUL day here where I am, and that just makes me happy. And for another, I think some of you could use a little boost, because the truth is, I suspect some of you might be selling yourself short in how you price your services.

I totally get it; setting your rates is EASILY one of the most stressful things about starting a private practice. When I was starting out, some of the questions I wrestled with were:

Where do I even start for figuring this out, for Pete’s sake?
What are other people, my colleagues, charging?
How could I possibly charge THAT much?


Right off the bat, pricing conversations bring up all kinds of tricky issues for us.

So if you’ve ever struggled with asking for your ideal rates, you’re in the right place. In today’s Ideal Practice video I’m sharing 3 helpful keys to consider when setting your rates.

Check it out:

As promised, I’ve attached a link to a FREE worksheet to help you work your way through evaluating your current pricing and to help you avoid the same mistake I did. (You heard that story in the video, right? SO embarrassing.)

You can access your free tool here.

Then do this:
1. Download and print out that worksheet.
2. Set your timer for just 15 minutes.
3. As fast as you can, jot down every answer you can even begin to think of for each of the sections you’ll see there.  Don’t over think it. Just WRITE.
4. When the timer goes off, take a break, then come back, and read what you’ve written. Out loud.
5. Now think about your current rates. Do they accurately reflect all that goodness you just wrote about?

Uh huh. I’m interested in that part. :)

Really dive deep and listen to your intuition about where you’re at in your own fee structure. And when you are ready for a friendly ear to process this with, I would love to talk with you about your private practice. :)

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