Marketing Myths: What It Is, and What It Isn’t

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My new course on cultivating an abundance mindset is wrapping up as I write this, and it has been SUCH a blast to see what people are getting from it. A renewed sense of wellbeing. An expanded belief in what is possible. Higher self respect. Magic checks in the mail. (For real.) And even an abundant cake! 

It’s been a fun reminder of what happens when we focus on the good that is all around us, and within us. I’ll be launching the course again in late September. Make a note of it!

For the next few weeks, we’re going to be diving a bit more into the foundations of your business. So, as always, I’m bringing you one video, one quote, one idea, and one thing you might want to try.

Here’s your 11:11 for today.


Marketing sucks, right? I used to think that too. In fact, just hearing someone say the word would make me want to roll my eyes. “Who cares about that crap?” I’d think. “I have *real* work to do here, people - important work. I’m impacting lives!

But I had that SO wrong. And I suspect many of you have it all wrong too.

In today’s training, I’ll explain what I mean, as we talk about what marketing IS, and what it isn’t. 



'"Good communication is 
as stimulating as black coffee 
and just as hard to sleep after.”
― Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Gift from the Sea


Have you ever stumbled on an ad, a post, or a website for a program or a product that was SO compelling you could NOT leave it alone?

I was like that with the ReMarkable II, a cool little tablet that promised to help me “replace my notebooks…with the only tablet that feels like paper.”

I could not get enough of that thing. Read every inch of their website. Repeatedly. Poured over reviews. Asked friends what they knew about it. Joined Facebook groups just so I could learn more about what it could do.

Obsessed. Yes. I was. Busted.

And part of that, I know, was because my Virgo moon, my Enneagram 1 Wing, or my secret OCD streak (whatever you want to blame it on) just gets hooked by things like that - cool tools that speak to productivity, or ease, or organization.

But part of it - let’s be real here - was the marketing. :)

As someone who loves her stack of journals and can barely pass up the notebook aisle at Target, the images of people writing, deep in thought, on a clean surface, with no distractions, and with a pen that ‘felt like paper’ was absolutely tantalizing.

Did I really need that thing? Maybe not. But as a long time business owner with files I have to keep literally for 20 years or more, the potential for a paperless process was awesome. Suddenly, I had a potential solution to a problem I thought I just had to live with.

My problem. Their solution. No hard sell here.

Just a conversation - about a new way of doing things - that was intriguing.

What’s intriguing about what you offer?


Take a fresh look at the copy you use to describe your services wherever you have it: on your website, on your social media profiles, on a rack card in your office.

What’s there that piques your curiosity?

Or what could be?

How are you offering a unique solution to your client’s problem?

Or how could you?

Give yourself some space to ponder these questions, see what you come up with, and connect with your ideal client, too.

P.S. Yes, I eventually got the tablet - but only because it showed up as a gift from someone I love. :) Join us in the Ideal Practice Community  to talk about marketing myths and more, so we can make your practice just as hard to resist. :)



Wendy, working with you has resulted in a dramatic shift in my business. My goals were different. I was not sure if I would fit in with those planning to build a much bigger practice. I wanted to streamline, work with ideal clients, find novel ways to help others, and schedule working hours that left me energized. Our work together has given me the courage to step into a different way of doing business. I am more in control of my business; I am managing resources more effectively (both time and money), making time for activities that enrich my life professionally, and gaining confidence that benefits both me and my clients.I find myself using the phrase I am a "business owner" as much as saying "I am a "Psychologist". I am proud of both. Your friendship and investment in my success has made such a difference. Thank you.
Dr. Karen E. Bartley Ph.D.


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