"Lead with your heart,
and don’t let fear get in the way."

Wendy Pitts Reeves

How NOT to Stress Over this Week’s Tax Due Date.😅

There are so many little things about running a practice that you NEED to know, but no one ever tells you about. Right?

So this month, I’ve...

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Setting Up Your Business Banking?

Hey there, 

How’s your week been?

I won’t lie. Over here, it’s been a little tough. We’ve had some deep sadness with...

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Don’t Treat Your Money Like A Bad Boyfriend…

You’ll understand what I mean by that in a minute. :)

Hey there!

Last week, we tried something different at our house. We took Aggie [email protected], our...

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The Number One Marketing Mistake (no one talks about)

Hey there!

This week, we’re shining a light on the #1 thing many of you are totally leaving out of your message to your Ideal Clients....

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Are You Making These Website Mistakes?

This month, we’re diving into detail on what it takes to market your practice, and today, we’re talking about websites. So much...

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5 Keys to a Better Online Profile


You started a private practice so that you could help people the way you know they need help. Right? But if the folks who need you can’t...

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Marketing Myths: What It Is, and What It Isn’t

Hey there!

My new course on cultivating an abundance mindset is wrapping up as I write this, and it has been SUCH a blast to see what people are...

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How to Define Success (And reach your goals every time)

Hey there!

Whooooboy, it has been hot, hot, hot here in East Tennessee, and that heat has been challenging. Turns out, the free standing awning we...

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Who Are You Becoming? (As CEO of Your Practice?)

These long summer days have been good for getting things done here around the house. Over the weekend, I spent much needed time cleaning things out...

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What it Means to Think Like a CEO (and not an employee!)

Hey there.

How’s it going where you are?

Anne and I just got back from a much needed vacation in our new little teardrop camper, Aggie [email protected]


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