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Want to Give Your Business a Check Up? Here’s How.

Photo Credit: Alan Strakey on Flickr.

I swear I could open my own office supply store.

For real.

I could start with the 25 empty notebooks in every size and color, stacks of vinyl accordion files and the giant box of colorful vinyl paper-sorters/filers/holders that are in my closet right now.

We could move on to the three boxes of file folders, the big heavy box of specialty papers in all kinds of pretty designs, and the shoebox full of highlighters, Sharpies, flip chart markers and pens.

For now, we’ll skip the Post-It notes and ‘flags’.

(I’ve considered starting a 12-Step group: Office Addicts Anonymous!)

But actually, it’s all good.

The truth is that I’ve been cleaning out that office, tossing out countless bags of trash, recyclables, and donations. This is just what’s left. And yes, that’s funny.

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How to Plan Your Year (and Build Momentum in Your Business)

My annual ritual has already begun.

Armed with a fresh new planner, a legal pad, and notes from the last few calls with my coach, I sat down recently to start mapping out the calendar for next year – in detail.

I usually wait to do this during the quiet week after Christmas, but there’s a lot to sort out, so I’m starting early this year.

Many of my clients are passion-driven entrepreneurs who act on intuition more than strategy, and follow their heart more than their head. They’ll tell you that they are at their best in the moment, when they’re thinking on their feet and figuring it out as they go.

And that may be true.

But if you are serious about taking your business to the next level, you have to be more intentional about everything you do.

And a well planned calendar is the foundation on which your business is built.
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Your 7 Step Guide to Planning Content for an Entire Year (and Writing Your Blog with Ease)

Photo by Your Best Digs on Flickr

December is for Decisions.

White lights or color?
Real tree or synthetic?
Rudolph or Charlie Brown?

And if you own a business, those December decisions are critical.

This is when you decide what you want to accomplish, and what you want your business to do in the coming year.

Is it time to raise your prices? Hire new team members? Create a new program? Maybe just get more rest and have more fun? (Yes, those are business goals, too!)

Whatever your goals, careful, in-depth, advance planning is the key to making sure you reach them.

And one place this will absolutely save your sanity is in planning your blog.

Writing fresh articles and creating new content week after week can be a daunting task. So I developed a process that enables me to not only be strategic and deliberate about the content I write, but makes the actual task of writing easier.

When I sit down to write to you each week, I already know what I want to cover, and how that topic fits into my messaging as a whole – week by week, month by month, all year long.

The key is taking the time to do the work to get clear up front.

And no, that isn’t easy.

But if you’ll follow my lead, set aside a few hours and work your way through the process I outline for you here, you’ll thank me all the way through next year. :)

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5 of the Best Tools to Power Your Productivity

ToolsI just bought the coolest little tool kit.

A real one. You know, one of those canvas tote bags with lots of little places for your hammer, two screw drivers and a handy pair of pliers. Only, my toolkit is a nice gray with lavender trim.

Who knew that tools could be pretty? :)

Of course, a cool bag means nothing if the right tools aren’t tucked inside. And that applies to your business just as much as it does your home.

So I thought I’d share some of my favorite tools for running my business. Some of these I’ve used for years. Others are brand new.

I love (and use!) them all.
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What is your One Thing?

Drop of Leaves - Abdul Rahman

It’s a brand new day.

And some of you are practically giddy with possibilities so bright and early in this beautiful New Year.

If you’re like many people I know – especially business owners – you’ve spent time over the last few days setting new goals, mapping out plans, dreaming about all the good things you are determined to do in 2015.

I hope you took time to Celebrate what you accomplished last year too.

But goodness – it is soooo easy to get ramped up about new beginnings, isn’t it? Each new year feels like a giant reset, a brand new chance to wipe the slate clean, take a deep breath, and try again.

I get that. Heck. I have my calendar for the year laid out in full-fledged technicolor. Spent an entire day doing it, and loved every minute.

So yes, there’s a lot to be said for taking the time to sit still, think things through, and map out our plans.

But it’s also really, really easy to get overwhelmed. So many Have-To’s, Should-Do’s Need-To’s and Want-To’s. Where in the world do you start?

Here’s the problem.

One of our unique skills as women is our ability to multitask.

We see everything at once – the Legos in the living room that need to be picked up, the last box that needs to go to the attic, the roses out back that still need trimming for the winter.

And we do the same thing in our business. We’re painfully aware of the follow-up calls we haven’t made, the content we still need to write, AND all the super-cool ideas we could be working on if we could Just. Find. The. Time.

Sometimes, that ability to see everything at once can get away from us.

Men, on the other hand, have a uniquely irritating ability to focus like a laser beam on one thing at a time. You know what I’m talking about. They step right over those Legos on their way to the TV for a 10-hour football binge.

But there are times when that ability to be super clear, to be hyper focused on one target, can actually be kind of handy.

So just for a moment, let’s try this.
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