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Stop Apologizing (Be. Who. You. Are.)

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Be who you are.

I wrote this a long time ago. Recently, I’ve realized how much of an issue this continues to be for so many people I know. I see this most often in my women clients, but I have also felt it myself. I see it in entrepreneurs and I see in those who could never imagine owning a business. Seems like it’s time to share it with you again. Continue reading

A Top 10 List: What I Love About Life as an Entrepreneur

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“Remember – you are both a scientist, AND a business owner.”

Those were my parting words to a client I’ve been working with in Ireland, as we wrapped up coaching for the initial phase of her new business.

And she got it.

In just the short time we’d worked together she was already beginning to think like a business owner, even while developing an idea that could make a huge difference in the world.

And that’s just one thing I love about what I do.

Here in the U.S., we’re wrapping up the Thanksgiving holiday. Gratitude is on our minds, and indeed – being grateful makes a huge difference in how you feel at any moment.

But there’s always a hint of lack in there too.

When we focus on being grateful for what we have, just behind that is an awareness of what we don’t have, too.

Can you feel it?

So I coach my clients instead to raise their energy by noticing what they love and appreciate – about their business, their lives, their relationships, their day….you name it.

Tapping into what you love and appreciate creates a sense of celebration, so that you operate from joy, rather than struggle.

And I like that.

Even over the holiday, I’ve consulted with others about their businesses. Those conversations light me up.

What does that for you?
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How to Cope When You (Really) Screw Up

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I never saw her again.

And although I no longer remember her name, I’ve never forgotten her.

I’d only been in private practice for a little while, though I’d worked in mental health for a long time. Back then, I did a lot of counseling around trauma, abuse and domestic violence.

I already had a ton of experience; (I thought) I knew what I was doing.

One evening, at the end of a long day, I did an initial consult with a woman who’d finally gathered her nerve to seek help. She was living with severe domestic violence, married to a man who sounded like he could kill her one day if she didn’t get out.

I was immensely proud of her for having the courage to come in, and I understood her situation immediately. After hearing her story, I felt crystal clear on the level of danger she was in. I knew what she needed to do to get out.

So I laid it all out for her.

With the kind of excitement that comes with clarity, I explained how to put a safety plan in place, what to say to him (and what not to), how to handle her employer, how to seek legal help, how to move out, all of it.

She listened politely as I gave her every idea I could think of. Then she thanked me, and left. I felt great — I knew I could help her!

But she never came back.

To this day, I don’t know what happened. It may be that she found a way out, that she went to another counselor, that she was just fine. I certainly hope so.

But I think I made a mistake that night – and it was a big one.
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One last thing before you say goodbye…

Sunset - liquid crashIt’s true. There’s a New Year just around the corner.


And even though we complain about how fast time goes, we still can’t wait to get there.

We lean forward, trying hard to see around the curve, wondering what’s ahead. Hoping for good things. Crossing our fingers. Saying our prayers.

Perhaps this year has been great for you, even if you didn’t do half of what you planned. You’re still excited about where you’re heading, and ready for a fresh start.

Perhaps it’s been a hard year, and you’re more than ready to tell it goodbye and good riddance!, for all kinds of perfectly good reasons.

Either way, we’re ready to start another trip around the sun.

But there’s one last thing to do before we step over the threshold into What’s Next.
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Why Your Beliefs Matter to Your Business

Roots - EbelienWhat does your business stand for?

In other words, what are your core principles, and how do you communicate them to your peeps?  

I know. It’s a weird question… but it’s one I want you to think about.

When you started your business, you weren’t thinking about beliefs. Most likely, you just wanted to get paid. Income was everything, and building up a steady stream of customers was paramount.

In fact, getting your business off the ground probably felt a bit random. Chaotic, even.

But over time, you will find that certain beliefs, principles or teachings become a theme for you.

You’ll find yourself saying the same thing to clients over and over. When you’re telling friends about what you do – and why you do it – you’ll return to a key story, phrase or belief that you hold dear.

In fact, when you speak from your heart about what you do, you’ll quickly come back to your core themes without hesitation.

Those beliefs should drive your message…

…because when you identify those themes, you can be more intentional about using them in your business.

In other words, what are the core principles on which your business is built? What are the core beliefs on which you stand as the owner and creator of this beautiful work?

Figuring this out will help you in two really important ways. Continue reading