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Choosing a Target Market is Harder Than It Looks

Photo Credit: Tobe Gaulke on Flickr.

“When are you going to be satisfied?”, he asked.

My husband was frustrated. We’d been perfectly happy in that little house for nine years already. So what if it was getting a little crowded? What was wrong with that?

Why ask for more?

Because I wanted to grow. Because I knew we’d want the space when the kids hit adolescence.

Because I was ready for a change.

I’ve always liked variety. Even when I love something (as I did that little house) there comes a time to move to the next stage of the journey.

So it’s no surprise that I seek out variety professionally as well. As a psychotherapist, I never wanted to work in just one area, so I’ve done a lot of different things. There’s very little in mental health that I haven’t had experience with at one time or another.

And as a business coach, it’s the same. I love the variety of my clients’ businesses. Attorneys. Event decorators. Energy healers. Yoga instructors. Psychotherapists. Coaches of all kinds. Employee engagement specialists. And yes, even a biochemist.

And yet…
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How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything

Granny 1Ohhhh the stories we could tell.

Because when you live to be 103, you create a lot of stories along the way. :)

My paternal grandmother was a member of what some call the Greatest Generation, and a force to be reckoned with. She outlived two husbands and a son. Made it through two World Wars, the Great Depression, and the Civil Rights Era.

She saw women get the right to vote, men walk on the moon, and the fall of the Wall in Berlin. She witnessed the invention of radio, then TV, then something called “the Internet”.

And she saw all of our struggles and triumphs as well.

So last week, when the inimitable Ms.Nettie crossed over into the next stage of her life’s Journey, yes – there were many tears.

But there was also great joy.

This post isn’t about how to succeed in your business. But, as my own coach says, “How you do anything is how you do everything”.

So how you live, and how you work, is also how you create, survive – and succeed.

I wrote the following a few years ago, right after Granny’s 100th birthday celebration. And in honor of her amazing life, it feels right to share it again.

Perhaps something here will help you too – in your life, and maybe even your business.

So here you go, in no particular order…

A lifetime of wisdom in 17 short chapters.

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C2C Apps: Lessons Learned While Flyin’ on 4 Wheels

4 Wheel 1“Well, there is one thing I’d really like to do, but there’s no way we could be doing that …. It’d be way too hard.”

That’s how one woman answered a few weeks ago, when I asked the group what they hoped we might be doing as we headed out for our last Secret Adventure for Courageous Women.

Turned out she had a dream of her own, a special delicious something that she’d always wanted to do… and a part of her hoped that – just maybe – that was in the works that day.

But she couldn’t let herself hope too much.

The best thing about a surprise is the sheer joy of anticipation, of wondering what’s in the box. Of hoping against hope that what’s inside is something you’ll like – maybe even something you’ll love.

But how often do we stop our dreams in their tracks? How often do we play little games in our heads to prepare ourselves for disappointment? How often do we tell ourselves that what WE want, could never happen?

All. The. Dang. Time.

So when she told us that she had a secret wish, we couldn’t wait to hear what it was.

Turns out – 4 Wheel 2

it was four wheeling. :)

There are many things I’ve learned as a trip leader and group facilitator over the past 3 years while planning these experiences.

One is that there is almost ALWAYS a way to make something happen, to create a certain kind of experience, once you’re clear on what is is that you want to do.

The other is that in every group there’s someone there that particular day who needs to have that particular experience. I’ve never been able to predict it – but it’s happened every time.
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How to Turn Your Life Into a Treasure Hunt

The Red Bird


It happened when…

…he was pulling together books to trade at the used book store for a little pocket money. While thumbing through a stack, he found a dollar in one, and then, in another, a ten.

He’d forgotten that years ago, he told me, he’d hidden money in books.

“Why would you do that?” I asked, thinking he was a little young to be worried about a possible run on the banks.

“Because I wanted it to be something I’d discover in the future,” he laughed. “I wanted my life to be a treasure hunt.”

He was only 18, about to graduate from high school, getting ready to head off into the Big World where he had every intention of making some Big Dreams come true. His confidence in his own ability to create the future he intended was lovely. His life was indeed – already – a treasure hunt.

That’s a powerful intention to set for yourself, isn’t it?

…Intending your life to be a treasure hunt – even if you have to create the treasure yourself.

And I realized that I’ve done that too in some ways, all my life. Some of you have seen things I’ll post on Facebook: a photo, a few words, about some small beauty I’ve seen on that day’s walk.

Some of you, too, share your own joys — a sunrise on your way to work, or a particularly funny thing your daughter said – the bounty of your own life’s treasure hunt.

Finding treasure adds joy to even the most mundane tasks, the coldest days, or the hardest times. Finding treasure brings us fully and consciously into Now, reminding us of the joy that comes with being fully Present in this moment.

Finding treasure reminds us that we are alive.

I created Secret Adventures for Courageous Women because I wanted to you, dear ones, to have that kind of experience. I wanted you to see the many treasures that are in your own backyard – and experience the sheer pleasure that comes with their discovery. I am constantly on the search for new things to show you…

…or new ways to show you something you think you already know. :)


Because treasure is everywhere –
once you know where to look.

For Example

Notice the way that light plays on the scenery around you – especially at dawn, dusk, or just before and after a storm.

Notice the way that color pops out in the woods you drive by every day, or the way reflections dance on the windows of the buildings in your city.

Notice the way that sounds ebb and flow, both loud and soft, wherever you are – the sudden burst of birdsong just before dawn, the rise and fall of your lover’s breath, the happy bubbling of a fresh pot of coffee.

Notice the way that textures feel on your skin – the sheer pleasure of a well worn pair of jeans, the sweet soft of your grandmother’s cheek, the easy cushion of cool, fresh grass under your bare feet.

Notice the way your body feels when it’s working just right, when your stride is strong and easy, when your breathing is full and deep, when the pillow under your head holds you just so.

These and more – a tiny wildflower in an unexpected place, a hawk overhead, your favorite-song-of-all-time on the radio – each of these are treasures, waiting for you to notice, and breathe them in.


And if it’s been far too long since you’ve found treasures of your own, why don’t you join us for our Secret Adventure next weekend? Every one of our trips is a a treasure hunt of some kind, and I’d LOVE for you to be a part of it. (But hurry – because I can only take one more!)

And in the meantime, see what kinds of treasure you can find this week.

And share them with us, below. :)


P.S.  I’m sending out Traveling Instructions Monday night.
(That’s when I’ll tell you how to prepare, and all the goodies you need to know.)

So if you want to get in on the next Secret Adventure for Courageous Women
happening NEXT Sunday – you’d better get on board.

Because I’ve only got ONE spot left.
And I’d love to see your happy face.
Go here to sign up!

Photo Credit: S. Pasharam on Flickr


Just because you can, doesn’t mean you have to…

2.22.14 1024 Stinson Beach


If you follow me on Facebook
you’ll know that I was on
an Adventure of my own
last week.

Not long ago,
I encouraged each of you
to “Just Say Yes” to
nudges from the Universe,
those good-for-you
challenges and growth
opportunities that drop
into your lap like gifts from the sky.

As I wrote that,
quite literally,
I received a 
to-refuse offer to
join a friend for a week
on the Pacific coast, 
just north of San Francisco.

Money was tight. Schedules were full. Going was crazy.

But I just said Yes.


And this is where Yes led me.

This picture was taken about half way along a hike on our first day there. We’d started considerably higher, in a stand of Redwood giants high up on the mountain. We were heading down towards that strip of sand you can see in the distance.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

When things like this happen, I intentionally open myself to the experience. I trust that I am being led to this place and time for a reason, whether I can always see what that reason is, or not. There were many lovely lessons and moments of joy last week, and each day brought new awarenesses into my life.

To start with, I learned two simple truths.
1. I am (still) a moderate hiker who is madly, deeply in love with the woods.
2. I am not (ever likely to become) a birder. :)

After a health scare last fall took the wind out of my sails, I’d begun to worry that I’d never be able to hike much again. Since then, with small, simple and consistent changes in daily habits, I’ve worked to restore my health, rebuilding my strength and stamina as well. Things are better.

And thank heavens.

Because right off the bat, our host suggested this rather spontaneous 4.5 mile afternoon hike that dropped 1000 feet through redwood forest, crossing the chaparral that you see above, then down through a stand of bay laurel trees to the beach – with an extra mile on the sand to the house.

And I was able to do it – with almost no trouble at all.

The Steep Ravine Trail, above Stinson Beach, California, wandered through the some of the most beautiful country I’ve hiked in years.

I loved – treasured – every magical moment of it.


Take care of your health in small and steady ways – daily –
 so you feel well enough to act on the opportunities that do come your way when they come.

Then on the day I started writing this, I had my first ever experience on a birding expedition, with Keith Hansen, one of the top birders in the world. It didn’t take long to see that he loved this work, and knows it inside and out. As an artist who has illustrated several bird guides, he’s traveled all over the world, studying the appearance, behaviors and culture of birds. It was remarkable what he could see.

So we spent hours exploring different sites up and down small seaside communities near Point Reyes National Seashore, looking at a huge variety of gulls and loons and sparrows and finches and ospreys and hummingbirds and a whole bunch of small tree birds that I, personally, could barely see, much less distinguish.

Okay – the telescope helped, but still.

My friends were in birders’ heaven.

Me? I was captivated by the ancient trees wrapped around us.
     And the amazing variety of tiny wildflowers at my feet.
          And the (funny!) harbor seals that cleverly disguised themselves as a collection of driftwood out in the bay.

I was a little worried that my friends might find me lacking, but at the end of the day, it was all just fine.

They appreciated the fact that I gave birding an honest try. 

I appreciated the fact that they didn’t seem to mind my wandering lack of attention to the cause. 


Trying something new is always good for you, even if you find that you don’t always love it.            Discovering what you don’t love, as well as what you do, is key to uncovering & defining your passions.

And that is critical to creating the life you (really, secretly always) wanted for yourself.

In your business or career, trying different jobs, offering different services, working with different clients, trying different environments…. All of that helps you learn more, too, about what you love.

Because different passions stir different hearts.

What stirs yours?

And what doesn’t? :)

Tell me in the comments below. I’d love to know!