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The One Thing You Must Protect – No Matter What

“I told my friend what you said…”

Uh oh. I always hold my breath when a client says something like this. What did I say this time?

“I told her about my new packages, and how you said I need to raise my rates.”

Oh. That. Well then.

“She didn’t think that was such a good idea…”

Of course she didn’t, I thought to myself. That’s why she’s not your coach.

And I set about working to repair the damage to my client’s confidence.
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Is Your Business Calling You to Grow?

Oh that’s B.S., and you know it!” my friend exclaimed.

Her lips were tight. Her voice tense. And there was a fierceness in her eyes that startled me.

I have a lot of friends who speak their minds, and I’m used to them coming from the blunt end of the interpersonal spectrum.

But this was different. I knew she was speaking from love – but for a second, I thought she was mad.

She wasn’t.

She was frustrated – and determined; determined to get me to see something I just couldn’t see.
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One Magic Word That Will Change Your Life

magic-wordMy life turned upside down a few years ago. 

I found myself in the midst of an unexpected transition, an uncomfortable in-between time, when I knew what had been but had no idea what was to be.

Ever felt that way?

I’d just finished a term in public office where I poured everything I had into serving my community. I lived and breathed that work for four unbelievably intense years. And I loved it.

But when that ended, I was lost. It was as if I’d been pushing up a long, steep hill, eyes to the ground, carrying a weight that was worthy but so heavy… And suddenly the hill leveled out, the weight disappeared, and I looked up for the first time in days, not quite sure where I was.

I was disoriented, at loose ends, and had no idea what to do next.

And with a successful business, that I’d run for years, on life support, dying from neglect.

So I threw myself into rebuilding, and focused on doing what I knew how to do to breathe life back into it. I set up a super-simple business plan with a year’s worth of goals – then met them all within two months.

I was still restless.
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The 7 Deadly Fears of an Entrepreneur

Iceland - Moyan BrennEveryone’s got one.

In fact, most of us have several.

I’m talking about fear; about all those little self-doubts and worries that block our progress and suck the success right out of our wallets.

Some of them are so strong they practically shout at us. Others are so quiet, you don’t even know they’re there. But they are. And they are often disguised as a perfectly fine, oh-so-logical “reason” for not moving forward in your business.

You could be the exception, of course.

You could be that rare person who sails through the day with nothing but confidence in your skills, with total clarity about your direction, and with peace of mind about your profits.

But you would definitely be the exception. :)

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The One Thing That Could Stop You in Your Tracks

Rain & Umbrella - Hartwig HKDSometimes, it happens like this.

You take that first step in what I call the Scared Strong formula.

You make The Decision.

And it’s a BIG one.

Because you’re ready to step up in your business (or your life!) in some major way.

“It’s time.” You tell yourself.

“I’m done playing small…

Let’s DO this.”

Even though there’s no one around, and you’re really just talking to yourself.

(Yeah. I know. I do it too!)

But you take the Big Leap – whatever that leap is for you.

Maybe you finally quit your job to focus on your business full time, and hope you can still pay your mortgage.

Maybe you start saying no to dollars-for-hours and pray that you’ll still get paid at all!

Maybe you make a huge investment with some coaching program that is so exciting (and terrifying) that it takes your breath away.

Whatever it is, you feel RIGHT about it.  

Freakishly right.

(When this happens to me, I get chills. And usually I end up crying with absolutely no idea why. Ugh.)

But in spite of the fear, you step into it. All the way.

Hands balled up into fists. Jaw clenched. Heart pounding.

Determined. Terrified.

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