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Stop Apologizing (Be. Who. You. Are.)

Photo Credit: Alessandro Valli on Flickr

Be who you are.

I wrote this a long time ago. Recently, I’ve realized how much of an issue this continues to be for so many people I know. I see this most often in my women clients, but I have also felt it myself. I see it in entrepreneurs and I see in those who could never imagine owning a business. Seems like it’s time to share it with you again. Continue reading

Want to Give Your Business a Check Up? Here’s How.

Photo Credit: Alan Strakey on Flickr.

I swear I could open my own office supply store.

For real.

I could start with the 25 empty notebooks in every size and color, stacks of vinyl accordion files and the giant box of colorful vinyl paper-sorters/filers/holders that are in my closet right now.

We could move on to the three boxes of file folders, the big heavy box of specialty papers in all kinds of pretty designs, and the shoebox full of highlighters, Sharpies, flip chart markers and pens.

For now, we’ll skip the Post-It notes and ‘flags’.

(I’ve considered starting a 12-Step group: Office Addicts Anonymous!)

But actually, it’s all good.

The truth is that I’ve been cleaning out that office, tossing out countless bags of trash, recyclables, and donations. This is just what’s left. And yes, that’s funny.

But it’s also better. Way better.  Continue reading

Chaotic Vibrations Will Keep You Broke

Erasing Money - Images Money“Goodness! You must have one heck of a block about this…”

That’s what my friend, a financial coach and advocate, said to me one day when I told her about the latest hit to my budget.

Just weeks earlier, I was on top of the world. My income had practically doubled overnight, I’d finally found a rhythm and gotten clear about my business, and life was coming together in a beautiful way.

Then, in no time at all, a series of events brought me right back to the status quo. With a weird combination of natural disasters, fender benders and financial snafus, I’d ridden the roller coaster from just getting by, to flying high, back to…

You guessed it. Continue reading

Your Business, Your Way: 5 Things to Consider When Starting a Private Practice

Chocolate - Bernd

Have you ever thought about starting your own private practice?

Of course, you may call it something else. If you’re an accountant, you might call it a firm. If you’re an attorney, you might call it a law practice.

If you’re a licensed psychotherapist, an acupuncturist, a massage therapist or an energy healer, you probably call it a private practice.

Whatever it is, it’s a uniquely individual service business that you create, launch and build that delivers your special set of expertise to your (favorite!) clients.

And – done well – it delivers that service in a way that makes you very, very happy.

Yes, that’s what I said – happy. Continue reading

The 7 Deadly Fears of an Entrepreneur

Iceland - Moyan BrennEveryone’s got one.

In fact, most of us have several.

I’m talking about fear; about all those little self-doubts and worries that block our progress and suck the success right out of our wallets.

Some of them are so strong they practically shout at us. Others are so quiet, you don’t even know they’re there. But they are. And they are often disguised as a perfectly fine, oh-so-logical “reason” for not moving forward in your business.

You could be the exception, of course.

You could be that rare person who sails through the day with nothing but confidence in your skills, with total clarity about your direction, and with peace of mind about your profits.

But you would definitely be the exception. :)

The truth is, no matter who you are, how long you’ve been in business or how many zeroes are at the end of your income, odds are that you, too, have favorite fears that sometimes slow you down. Continue reading