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Your 7 Step Guide to Planning Content for an Entire Year (and Writing Your Blog with Ease)

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December is for Decisions.

White lights or color?
Real tree or synthetic?
Rudolph or Charlie Brown?

And if you own a business, those December decisions are critical.

This is when you decide what you want to accomplish, and what you want your business to do in the coming year.

Is it time to raise your prices? Hire new team members? Create a new program? Maybe just get more rest and have more fun? (Yes, those are business goals, too!)

Whatever your goals, careful, in-depth, advance planning is the key to making sure you reach them.

And one place this will absolutely save your sanity is in planning your blog.

Writing fresh articles and creating new content week after week can be a daunting task. So I developed a process that enables me to not only be strategic and deliberate about the content I write, but makes the actual task of writing easier.

When I sit down to write to you each week, I already know what I want to cover, and how that topic fits into my messaging as a whole – week by week, month by month, all year long.

The key is taking the time to do the work to get clear up front.

And no, that isn’t easy.

But if you’ll follow my lead, set aside a few hours and work your way through the process I outline for you here, you’ll thank me all the way through next year. :)

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Why You Need to Be Out There Speaking

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“The buzz in the room was infectious…”

…That’s what one fellow said after a talk I gave recently to a group of entrepreneurs in Dublin, Ireland. And he was right.

I could feel their excitement, as I led them through an exercise that challenged them to get clear about their business. Though they were reluctant at first, the momentum really shifted once they got started. And afterwards, they couldn’t wait to share their aha’s, and the excitement they felt about their next steps.

Being a part of moments like that is just plain fun, and is one reason I love speaking to entrepreneurs.

But the truth is that public speaking has been one of the most effective tools I’ve used to promote almost every business I’ve ever created.

And you should be out there, speaking to your ideal clients too.

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3 of the Best Kept Secrets for Powerful (Joyful!) Success

Doors -Gonzalo Viera AzpirozWhat is the secret, anyway?

Have you noticed how some people seem to be naturally successful in their business, without even trying? While others work like crazy, but never get anywhere?

Why is that?

There are as many answers as there are entrepreneurs, of course. The path to success for each of us is as complex as we are.
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How to get yourself to do what (you think) you cannot do.

Oh my gosh – now what do you do?

Now that you’ve made that decision.

Now that you’ve declared your Intent to the Universe.

And more importantly — to yourself…

Now what do you do?

It’s a little scary to think about, isn’t it?

A few weeks ago, I posted my first video ever – and that was a BIG step for me. Just making the dang decision that I was by-golly-it’s-now-or-never-gonna-do-this-thing was hard enough.

But following through on that decision was another step entirely.

And I’m worried that you may be in that exact same place right now.

Several of you wrote to say that you loved that video so much that you were – in fact – inspired. (Thank you!)

You were inspired to make a decision about something that was holding you back. You were ready to move forward in a significant way – and finally knew what you wanted to do.

That was cool. Way cool.   

And yes, it feels GREAT, doesn’t it? I always feel as if everything is a little lighter once I reach that point.

But that’s just the first step, y’all.

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Use Your Superpower for Good.

Superhero themed party by Anders Ruff for 3 year old child as photographed by Becca BondYou, too, have your very own Superpower.

And the cool thing is that you carry this with you every waking moment. In fact, you’re using it all the time, even when you don’t realize it.

It’s your ability to think.

And in particular – it’s your ability to be AWARE of your thoughts. To notice them, study them, to learn about them and change them.

This is one of the strongest resources you have when it comes to coping with fear, to dealing with doubts.

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