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Seven Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Photo Credit – Karen Roe on Flickr.

“A confused mind never buys.”

That long-standing bit of business wisdom is true. If you’re not sure what I mean by that, think about this.

What’s your favorite restaurant for breakfast or lunch?

It may be a fast food joint or the local coffee shop. Odds are, it’s a place you visit so often you’ve memorized the menu.

“I already know what I want. I’d like one of your spinach-artichoke soufflés today, okay? Thanks!”

(And if you recognize that one, tell me in the comments!)

Why do you keep going back?

The environment suits you. It’s just the kind of place that you, and others with your tastes, like. Perhaps it’s country cozy. Perhaps it’s sleek and minimalist. Whatever it is, it fits your personal style in a way you value.

Their food suits you. Perhaps it’s organic, with plenty of vegan and gluten free options. Perhaps it’s country-fried Southern comfort. Whatever it is, it fits your personal tastes in a way that just feels good.

Their schedule works for you, whether that’s for a smoothie after your 5 a.m. run, or a quick bite for your on-the-go lunch. You can count on them to be there when you want them to be.

See a pattern?

Effective marketing makes it easy for you to recognize, understand, relate to and buy the products that are right for you.

If you have a product that isn’t selling, a program no one’s attending or content no one’s reading, it could be because your marketing isn’t clear, and your prospects are confused.

Here are seven of the most common marketing mistakes of well-intended entrepreneurs that leave their prospects scratching their heads….
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How to Clear Your Creative Pipes

Sweep - Jun AOYAMA

Is your desk a mess?

Do you even HAVE a desk?

And if you do, can you find it? Or is it buried under a pile of papers a foot thick?

How about the kitchen table? :)

Most of my clients are super creative people with more ideas than anyone could implement in a single lifetime. With minds that are constantly creating, their outsides often mirror their insides, reflecting a whirlwind of activity that never, ever stops.

They are master problem solvers. Most of them are quick starts who can take an impossible problem, come up with a solution that sounds crazy, take action on it lickety split and – POOF! – have a whole new product, program or service in place to get you just what you need.

Pretty great stuff, don’t you think?

The problem is that sometimes, all that creative juice leaves a lot of chaos in it’s wake.
And sometimes, it’s just easier to create something new, than it is to clean up and work with what you’ve already got.

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