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Your 7 Step Guide to Planning Content for an Entire Year (and Writing Your Blog with Ease)

Photo by Your Best Digs on Flickr

December is for Decisions.

White lights or color?
Real tree or synthetic?
Rudolph or Charlie Brown?

And if you own a business, those December decisions are critical.

This is when you decide what you want to accomplish, and what you want your business to do in the coming year.

Is it time to raise your prices? Hire new team members? Create a new program? Maybe just get more rest and have more fun? (Yes, those are business goals, too!)

Whatever your goals, careful, in-depth, advance planning is the key to making sure you reach them.

And one place this will absolutely save your sanity is in planning your blog.

Writing fresh articles and creating new content week after week can be a daunting task. So I developed a process that enables me to not only be strategic and deliberate about the content I write, but makes the actual task of writing easier.

When I sit down to write to you each week, I already know what I want to cover, and how that topic fits into my messaging as a whole – week by week, month by month, all year long.

The key is taking the time to do the work to get clear up front.

And no, that isn’t easy.

But if you’ll follow my lead, set aside a few hours and work your way through the process I outline for you here, you’ll thank me all the way through next year. :)

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What You Need to Know Before You Start a Blog

A few years ago, I made a big decision…

… one that has impacted every day of my life since.

I decided to start this blog.

I read a statistic recently that said over 2 million new blogs are posted online every single day. That’s a lot of blogs.

Unfortunately, most of them will never be read.

And that means that too many business owners are putting too much effort into something that is a total waste of their precious time.

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How to Find (& Keep) Perfect Photos for Your Blog Posts

Sunset camera - Moyan BrennSo, is it true that content is King?

Perhaps. But if it is, photos are definitely Queen. :)

Of course what you have to say should matter more than how you say it.

Back in the day, I subscribed to a professional newsletter printed quite plainly with nothing but tiny text. Line after line. Page after page.

Yet I read that newsletter voraciously, cover to cover, with a highlighter in hand, and kept copies for years. The content was that good.

But in today’s over-stimulated world, with status updates and videos and tweets and bleeps competing for our attention Every Single Second of the Day…

…even great content can get lost.

So finding ways to capture attention can make all the difference, as your business goes from nowhere to noteworthy.

One of the best ways to do that is with a great photo.

Sure. Video is hot right now, and I get that.

But nothing says STOP.
    Stay here…
        Gaze at this.
            Ponder for just a moment.

Breathe it in.

Like a photograph.

If, that is, it’s the right photograph.

But here’s the problem.

What if you know you need a great picture, but have no idea where to find it?

What if you know where to look, but can’t remember where you saw that one that carried just the right message?

Or perhaps you think you have to buy one from some paid on-line photo shop.

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