How to Hire the Right Help for Your Team

“All I can say is, she’s a godsend…”

I was talking with a real estate broker who leads a growing team of agents in her small but bustling firm. Perfectly poised to break through in a powerful way in her particular market, things are hopping,

And it’s intense.

But about a month ago, she hired a new assistant who has made a tremendous difference in the day to day management of the firm. For the first time in a decades long career, she’d finally hired someone who was exactly what she wanted.

And she was gushing.

“I don’t know what I’d do without her! She’s looking out for me every minute that she’s here… she’s made such a difference, I can hardly believe it.”

That’s what it’s like when you hire the right person for your team: they look out for you.

But how do you find people like that?

In this post, I’m going to tell you exactly how.

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Why Entrepreneurs Should Never Drive Alone

I love a good road trip.

I love loading up my car with a stack of CD’s, a thermos of coffee and a well worn map (yes, a map) laying on the front seat. Hitting the road with miles to go, miles I can drive any way I want, is a thrill I never quite grow tired of.

Such freedom.

I can choose my path. Main roads. Back roads. Odd roads just to see where they go. No one complains, and getting lost is part of the fun. Continue reading

Minding Your Money: Key Points You Should Know

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“Can I just send you $1,000 now, and start paying ahead for next time?”

Our coaching relationship was ending in a few months, but she’d already decided to renew. She’d come a long way from where she started, and she had no intention of stopping now.

I’m no longer surprised when clients choose to continue. Their growth is real, and they are a stubborn, strong-willed, committed bunch.

But paying ahead? That was new.
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The One Thing You Must Protect – No Matter What

“I told my friend what you said…”

Uh oh. I always hold my breath when a client says something like this. What did I say this time?

“I told her about my new packages, and how you said I need to raise my rates.”

Oh. That. Well then.

“She didn’t think that was such a good idea…”

Of course she didn’t, I thought to myself. That’s why she’s not your coach.

And I set about working to repair the damage to my client’s confidence.
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Is Your Business Calling You to Grow?

Oh that’s B.S., and you know it!” my friend exclaimed.

Her lips were tight. Her voice tense. And there was a fierceness in her eyes that startled me.

I have a lot of friends who speak their minds, and I’m used to them coming from the blunt end of the interpersonal spectrum.

But this was different. I knew she was speaking from love – but for a second, I thought she was mad.

She wasn’t.

She was frustrated – and determined; determined to get me to see something I just couldn’t see.
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