“Wendy has an amazing skill.”

Wendy has an amazing skill. She asks questions in a way that you haven’t thought of – about things in your business and your life. She has a wonderful way of showing you the positive things you have accomplished, yet keeps you on task for other things you have let go by the wayside. She is a great accountability partner. She DEFINITELY builds your confidence which gives you the courage to move out of your comfort zone so that you can accomplish more in your life AND your business.

Deb SchmitzI would HIGHLY recommend Wendy to anyone who wants to take their life and/ or business to the next level!

Deb Schmitz
Women’s Money Makeover


“I am so proud of myself for taking this risk…”

When I hired Wendy as my Business Coach, I was exhausted, overwhelmed and seriously considering giving up. Hiring her was the best day and best decision I have made in a very long time. I am amazed at what we accomplished in just 3 very short months. It was difficult, but she gently and firmly walked me through the whole process, and held me accountable all the way. I would not have done this without her loving encouragement and incredible coaching skills!

I am so proud C.Munday editedof myself for taking this risk and doing this work with the most AMAZING Business Coach ever! Thank you, Wendy, for helping me enjoy my clients and work again and being able to do what I so love with more energy, patience and compassion!

Caroline Munday, EEM-CP
Reiki Master/Teacher
Energy Healer


“When I brought issues to her, she completely changed the way I think.”

Wendy has been a great business coach, and a powerful influence in my life. When I started working with her, I’d been in business for years, but had no real identity of my own. I was in the shadows, wanting to do more, be more, trying to figure things out, but with no idea what to do. I didn’t have the confidence to step out and be seen, or to own the value that I bring to the world and to my clients.

Wendy was so positive, and so encouraging. When I brought issues to her, she helped me brainstorm solutions, and completely changed the way I think. In the past year, I’ve really stepped up as a leader in my business. With her help, for the first time ever, I am more confident, I’ve established a strong business identity, and I’m proud.

It’s a powerful feeling.Karen Jernigan -1

She continues to challenge me to grow in my business, and I am answering that challenge. I am constantly implementing ideas, finding new ways to stretch and grow.And I love it.

Wendy believed in me. She saw something I couldn’t see in myself, and for that, I will always be grateful!

Karen Jernigan   


“I wanted to share this with you, because I want you to see how you inspire others…”

I attended your workshop in Nashville last year and took advantage of the one hour phone call with you….One of the things you recommended to me, was growing my business in regards to my building, so I have attached a photo that I used to “congratulate myself this week” (as your last video suggested)…Construction started this morning! I have someone signing a 3 year lease for it. I am growing my business in a smart way!!!

I am grateful for my experience with you. It spurred me on to make some changes! So thank you! I wanted to share this with you, because I want you to see how you inspire others!

Betsy Brams, LCSW


“My life is forever and irrevocably changed for the better…”

Wendy doesn’t steer your ship for you.  She points out the course and gives you the rudder.  She doesn’t calm the seas for you – she helps you find a calmer sea.  She will encourage you, support you, cheer you on – and kick you right in the ass when you need it.  She helps you focus on what you need to learn/do/be – and it’s not just in business, it’s also in life, and inside your head

I don’t know where this new business will take me yet. I don’t know what new adventures wait around the corner.  I do know for certain that without Wendy Pitts Reeves, this never would have happened.  My life is forever and irrevocably changed for the better.

Lisa Beavers  
Graphic Artists


In just 3 months, I accomplished more than I could have imagined…”

I designed marketing materials, established a brand, and set up my initial programs. My mindset expanded…as I learned that I could do anything…

Working with Wendy, I found not only excellent coaching, but trust, genuine friendship and compassion. If you’re considering working with Wendy, do it! Your business will grow – and so will you!

Suzi Elledge
Spiritual Coach
Highest Soul Self 


“What I appreciate about Wendy is that she will put her oars in the water with yours – and that was exactly what I needed…”

In just 6 months, I have accomplished gobs! My website’s up, I’ve started blogging and building a relationship with my list, and I’m clearer about how to work with my VA. I’ve worked to refine my marketing and message, and I’ve streamlined the training I deliver to therapists and clergy around the country.

But more than anything, I confidently stand in this leadership position. When Wendy challenged me to really step into this and own what I’ve created, I resisted at first. Boy has that changed! Today…I have a clear vision and the strategies in place to realize that vision. I know what to do, and I’m ready to do it. I am immensely grateful for the accountability and support that working with Wendy provides.

If you need a business coach, I can’t recommend her enough. I’ve worked with bigger coaches in bigger programs, what I appreciate about Wendy is that she will put her oars in the water with yours – and that was exactly what I needed. 

Melanie McGhee, LCSW
Founder, Acceptance and Integration Training


“People are coming out of the woodwork for my next workshop, even though I’ve raised my rates…”

BIG WEEK! I’ve been focused, and on track, and I’ve accomplished a lot!

My online scheduling system is up and rolling. And people are coming out of the woodwork for my next workshop, even though I’ve raised my rates. I’ve added so much value that the workshop is FULL. So I wrote the letter, did the flyer, saw the results! It’s been a great week. This stuff really works!

Serene White
Serene Yoga and Healing