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How to Step In to the Energy of Marketing

It’s not really that hard.

Once you start thinking like a marketer, you’ll see opportunities to spread the good word about your business everywhere you look.

Unless you think all that “marketing stuff” belongs to someone else, of course.

But it doesn’t. It’s yours. 

If you’re in any kind of business for yourself, you’re also in the business of marketing.

I know that feels daunting for some of you. Unless you have an MBA, odds are good that no one’s ever taught you how to market your work. Goodness knows they didn’t teach me anything about that in grad school!

And it IS true that effectively marketing your business requires a certain level of strategy and skill.

But even before you learn those skills and develop those strategies, you have to step into – and own – the energy of marketing.

So I’ve made this quick video for you to explain a little more about what I mean by that. (You can see it here.)

In it, I’ll share three quick tips to help you get there. The first two are focused on your mindset and how you think. The third is more about what you do. All of them are important.

I say this because I watch you. I’ve been at gatherings where you barely mention you even have a business, much less how awesome it is or what a difference you make for those you serve.

And I’ve read your posts where you talk about everything BUT your business, even though your ideal clients are right there reading them too.

But my people – you have something awesome to bring to the world. And if you don’t learn how to share that, they’ll never know!

So take a few minutes to check this out. Listen to the 3 things I encourage you to do, and the little bit of homework I want you to try this week.

And tell me how you do with this.

How does this feel to you? Inspiring? Intimidating? Something else entirely? 

Let me know in the comments below!

How to Make the Most of Any Speaking Opportunity

Photo Credit: JohnDiew0107 on Flickr

Your talk begins long before you step on to that stage.

It starts weeks, if not months, before, though many speakers don’t realize that.

Public speaking is one of the most effective tools you can use to build your business.

Yet for many people, just the thought of getting in front of an audience is so stressful that all they focus on is the talk itself.

What in the world do I say?
What if my mind goes blank?
What if they hate me?

And on and on.

And yet – anyone can learn to be an effective speaker. I’ve coached many people through this over the years; I always love seeing their surprise at how well they could do with just a little help.

But to make speaking work for your business means you have to be more than a skilled performer.

You have to approach the talk with the strategic thinking of a marketer.

Here’s what I mean.
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Why You Need to Be Out There Speaking

Photo Credit: tec_estromberg on Flickr

“The buzz in the room was infectious…”

…That’s what one fellow said after a talk I gave recently to a group of entrepreneurs in Dublin, Ireland. And he was right.

I could feel their excitement, as I led them through an exercise that challenged them to get clear about their business. Though they were reluctant at first, the momentum really shifted once they got started. And afterwards, they couldn’t wait to share their aha’s, and the excitement they felt about their next steps.

Being a part of moments like that is just plain fun, and is one reason I love speaking to entrepreneurs.

But the truth is that public speaking has been one of the most effective tools I’ve used to promote almost every business I’ve ever created.

And you should be out there, speaking to your ideal clients too.

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Being an Entrepreneur isn’t for the Faint of Heart…

Recently, my business took me on an Adventure…

…all the way across the Atlantic, to Ireland.

And I got here by following the same (deceptively simple) steps I’ve used to get through anything worth doing in my life and business.

Those steps, core Power Principles of the Courage to Confidence Model©, are absolute requirements for any level of sustainable, repeatable success.

And although there’s much more to the model as a whole, in essence, you must:



And Deliver.

Over and over again. 

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The Twelve Steps, Adapted for Entrepreneurs

Photo Credit: Randy Heinitz

I couldn’t help myself.

This week, I’m speaking to an outstanding group of entrepreneurs in Dublin, Ireland, about three power principles of my Courage to Confidence Model© for repeatable, sustainable success.

The group, which has almost 6,000 members in the Dublin Chapter alone, is called “Entrepreneurs Anonymous”. That – you have to admit – is quite a catchy name, isn’t it?

I asked the organizers about that name. They explained that a few years ago, a group of entrepreneurs got together after completing a course in business training. They continued meeting after class for mutual support and accountability, and – perhaps with a little tongue in cheek – called themselves Entrepreneurs Anonymous.

Over time, their group became a safe place to learn, seek support, and ask for help as their businesses grew. In a sense, they’d created a mastermind. But I also thought the name fit in other ways, since running a business can be a little addictive.

There’s a reason why we entrepreneurial types work so much – even when we’re the boss. :)

With a background in mental health, I’ve worked a lot with addictions. The 12 Steps framework, first established in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), is an old familiar friend. In fact, I’ve always thought there was wisdom in those Steps we could all use.

So, knowing that any proper “Anonymous” group would have it’s own version of the 12 Steps, I couldn’t resist the thought of creating one for all of us who are on this crazy journey together.

So with a nod of appreciation and gratitude to the inspiring men and women of the world’s 12 Step Fellowships, here’s my version of the 12 Steps, created especially for “Entrepreneurs Anonymous”.

I hope it makes you smile.

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