3 Simple -Yet Critical – Keys to Effective Marketing

Fruit Stand - Davide D'AmicoSo you took the leap – and started a business.

It’s pretty exciting, isn’t it?

You’ve gotten some really clear signals from the Universe that you’re on the right track. And you’re following a calling that has been there for a very long time.

Perhaps you’re a licensed professional who went out on your own. After working forever in some large firm, hospital or other organization, the thought of a private practice sounded like happy freedom.

Perhaps you started your healing practice, as even friends and family turn to you for help. Though you fought it for a while, the truth is you LOVE this stuff… And you’re finally realizing that this is your gift.

Maybe you put those special skills to use – planning events, selling homes, managing conflict or landscaping yards.

Whatever it is, doing what you love,
and loving what you do,
is a cool way to earn a living, right?

Well yes, of course it is.

But your most important role, actually, isn’t that of an attorney.
Or a realtor. Or licensed psychotherapist.
Or event planner. Or healing practitioner.

Your most important role is Marketer in Chief.

I know!



You believe in your business. You know that you have something that makes a difference for the people or organizations you serve.

It may be that you bring higher productivity to work teams or stress relief to sleep-deprived executives.

It may be that you bring legal peace of mind to non-profits, or beautiful yards to neighborhoods.

Whatever it is, it’s great, and you know it.

It makes the world a happier place.

Unless – that is – no one knows what you do.

Or why you do it.
Or how good you are at it.
Or how much they need what you have to offer.
Or what a difference you could make for them.

Or how to find you – and hire you –
even if they DID know all those things.

That’s what (good) marketing does.

Marketing shares critical information with your ideal clients in such a way that they know where you are, how you can help, and completely ‘get’ why you’re the best one for them.

So from here on out, I want you to remember this key concept.

No matter what you’re doing, where you’re going,
or who you’re with,
you are, at all times, a marketer.

Every conversation you have is a marketing conversation – from the check out clerk at the grocery store to your lunch-and-learn at your professional association.

Every. Conversation.

And your goal is to look for ways to communicate three things about your business, everywhere you go.

The Who.
The Why.
And the What.

1. WHO do you do your absolute best work with?

The first step to creating a marketing message that works is figuring out exactly who you want to talk to.

You probably have a business that could help a lot of people. In fact, you may even feel like almost anyone could benefit from what you do.

And yet, there are some that are much more of a perfect fit than others.

That may be a matter of personality (who you ‘click’ with), but it could be much more than that too.  

For example, I have long held a passion for empowering women in my community. So, it’s totally natural that I love coaching women entrepreneurs.

But I’ve also worked with men, and enjoyed that every bit as much.

The reality is I love working with anyone who’s ready to do the work it takes to get where they want to go – no matter who they are.

Who do you love working with?

If you need help figuring that out, start here.

2. WHY would they hire you (over someone else)?

Once you know who you want to reach, the obvious question your potential client will ask is – why should they hire you?

There are likely many answers to this question.

It could be because you have special expertise, training or experience in your field.

It could be because you offer additional services or top-notch customer care that is above and beyond what others in your industry provide.

It could be because you have the passion and talent to deliver your service in a way that is deeply personal and exquisitely tailored to their individual needs.

For example, my extensive experience as a therapist means I have an unusually layered understanding of the psychology of most entrepreneurs.

That, in turn, gives me a unique ability to get to the internal roadblocks that trip them up, even when they have the right strategies in place.

What is it that sets you apart from your peers?
Get a handle on that, and find ways to add it in to your conversations.

(Quick coaching tip. Please don’t let it be because you’re a bargain. Competing on price is not the way you want to go. Trust me on this.)

3. WHAT results do you deliver?

The most important question your clients will have is a deeply personal one.

That is, what can you do for them?

And how can you help – really?

This is both a powerful question, and a tricky one.

For women especially, it is super tempting to make promises that you may not be able to deliver.  So be careful about that.

You could have the best legal skills in the world, but a change in the law or a decision from a judge can limit what you can do.

You may be an outstanding therapist with clinical skills up your sleeve, but what your clients do with the help you offer is still up to them.

You might be an outstanding event planner, but last minute weather delays, a mechanical breakdown, or even poor planning on the part of your client can make a huge difference in what you can deliver.

Be clear about the things over which you do, and don’t, have control.

Weave these three things into every conversation you have, and I think you’ll be surprised at the results you get.

There are people out there who want and need exactly what you have to offer – and they’re willing to pay for it.

So help ’em out.

Do a little marketing, and make it easier for them to find you.

Photo Credit: Davide D’Amico on Flickr

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